“Best Story” Award Successfully Achieved by Antonius in Ubaya Curio Film Festival


The Faculty of Business and Economics, State University of Surabaya held the Ubaya Curio Film Festival. The festival is held as a forum for film creators to express their ideas in a video or picture story so that it is easy to convey messages in an educational spectacle. This competition category is in the form of a short film and is contested at the National level on May 2, 2021.

Antonius Ian Bayu Setiawan and his friends participated in the UBAYA Curio Film festival by submitting a work entitled "January". The title was deliberately chosen to tell about the diversity of religious activities, between Islam and Hinduism. In 2020, which commemorates religion between Islam and Hinduism at almost the same time, it is told about two women who both need coconut leaves to commemorate religious activities. Hindu women (call them Made) need leaves for brass, while Muslim women (call them Dhiya) need leaves to make “ketupat Lebaran”.

Made invited Dhiya to take a leaf which was actually used to commemorate Kuningan's activities, but due to difficulty finding the leaves, finally Made distributed a few leaves to Dhiya so that he could still commemorate the “ketupat lebaran”. Finally, they share coconut leaves, so they can both commemorate religious days, and at the end of the story, a Hindu woman is given a ketupat by a Muslim woman for helping her to make “ketupat lebaran”. In this competition, Antonius was able to win "Best Story". The message that can be taken from this film is that religious diversity does not prevent us from helping each other in need. Therefore, as a young generation, the character of helping to help needs to be instilled as a good character that needs to be possessed in dealing with the unpredictable pressures of life.