School Field Practice


Kuliah Kerja Nyata (KKN)/ Community Service and Praktik Kependidikan (PK)/ Internship UNY is one of the mandatory courses for students in the form of lectures outside the campus. PK is mandatory for students from educational study programs, while KKN is mandatory for all students from both educational and non-educational study programs. KKN and PK are carried out for 6 months or one semester. And the student placement has been plotted by the UNY KKN-PK Service Unit team. Students who will take part in KKN-PK must meet the following requirements.

  1.  Registered as an active student of UNY in the undergraduate program of non-educational and educational studies.
  2. Have taken a minimum of 90 credits with a minimum GPA of 2.50.
  3. Willing to participate in all series of KKN and PK activities.
  4. Do not take theoretical courses more than 6 credits.

Every prospective student participating in KKN and PK is required to register through the pages and and can read announcements or information related to KKN and PK on the page .

Kuliah Kerja Nyata (KKN)/ Community Service

Fundamental Work Lecture courses are taken by students in semester 7. LPPM and the Academic Sector coordinate the implementation of KKN. The purpose of KKN is to train students to live in a community and utilize knowledge according to the community's needs. The scope of KKN activities is registration, debriefing, deployment, preparation of activity matrices, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, and reporting on the achievement of KKN activity programs.


Praktik Kependidikan (PK)/ Internship

The Educational Practice course is taken by students in semester 7. This course is a field course related to learning practices and understanding the competence of prospective educators.