Saturday (December 04, 2021) the Sound Of Counseling (Soundseling#4) activity was carried out smoothly without any obstacles. Soundseling # 4 showcases the diverse talents of UNY BK students. The activity took place using the YouTube live platform on the HIMA PPB FIP UNY channel, starting at 19.00 until 21.30. The venue for this activity is in the Moyudan area, with 35 committee members present to prepare for the activity. The Soundseling#4 event, which was broadcast on the live YouTube HIMA PPB FIP UNY, had quite a high enthusiasm because it reached 102 live streaming viewers.

The activity was opened by showing the opening video and a flashback of Soundseling#4 then followed by the theatrical performance of the monologue “Soundseling Resurrection '' by Nabila Pramesti Jati, then the event was opened by the conditioning MC, Iqbal Zaki Takiyudin. After the MC greeted and conditioned the event, continued with the appearance of BK Kustik 20X21 by singing something in Jogja by Aditya Sofyan. Furthermore, the activity was taken over by 2 main MC, namely Faradilla Anisa and Gilang. The activity was continued with the performance of the song Indonesia Raya by Gema Paranada. After performing the song Indonesia Raya, the next event was the remarks, the first speech was the speech of the chief executive of Soundseling#4 by Hilman Nasyhar Faidullah S. and continued by the speech of the head of the PPB FIP UNY department, Mr. Dr. Sigit Sanyata, M.Pd. After the speech, it was continued by presenting other exciting programs, namely a vocal duet performed by Stavia Jovanca and Arinda Rahma with the song Anganku Anganmu by Raisa Isyana, a lecturer performance who performed the song Melukis Senja by Budi Doremi, a performance by Gema Paranada BK by bringing Rapsodi song by JKT48, theatrical monologue with the title "Maspanak" sung by Susi Indah Ratnasari, performance from UKMF CAMP with the title Kangen by Dewa 19 and favorite film by Sheila On Seven dance performance, theatrical monologue "New Normal" sung by Selvi Septiani, solo vocal by Anisa Febriyana with the song that she sung, namely Cahaya by Tulus, solo vocal by Dhea Lutfiana who sang the song with the title Only Me by Kaleb J, BK Kustik 19 performance with the song Dinda, the last performance was the performance by Special Guest by Gisa Saptowo by singing the song Aku Bukan Jodohnya and Widodari, then activities and closed by the main MC and ended with 2 performances of songs by the Special Guest with songs that were sung, namely Pingal and Mendung Tanpo Udan. (End/Meilia)