Praktisi Masuk Kampus Program Transpersonal Psycodynamics Freud, Reich, Masterson, and Jung In Counseling

One of the programs created by the minister of education is the campus admission practitioner program. The implementation of this program is aligned with courses that are in accordance with the topic or material presented by the practitioner. One of the practitioners who was asked to be a resource person was Yusa Aziz, M.Msc, PG Dipl. coach Yusa is a Jungian Studies, Transpersonal Psyche Soma Analyst & Practitioner who has practiced for 17 years. Besides, coach Yusa is a accredited trainer from International Association of Coaches Therapist and Mentors (IACTM) and member of Transpersonal Coaches Therapist Network (TCTN), Depth Psychology Alliance, International Association Jungian Studies (IAJS), International Association Applied Psychology (IAAP), International Metaphysics Ministry (IMM), Certified Coach Federation (CCF), ABNPL (American Board of NLP & Hypnotherapist). The selection of these resource persons is to add insight and equip students in the Counseling Approach course.

The implementation of the program was held in 2 meetings with a different focus on each meeting but it was an ongoing material. First meeting on December 9, 2021 with material psychology of the unconscious, personality style, and phases of therapy. While the second meeting on December 15, 2021 the material presented are transpersonal psychodynamic counseling and therapeutic skills, micro skills, macro skills, your developmental self as a therapihst, and transpersonal psychodynamic counseling, coaching, and therapeutic basic and mastery skills.

In general, the presentation of the material on the first day was more focused on the views of psychology of the unconscious from several experts, including Freud, Willem Reich, and Jung. We also discussed about the personality style that is skizofernik, narsistik, borderline styles, and personalitic disorder. The material was not just finished but continued in the second meeting on December 15, 2021 with the topic of transpersonal psychodynamic counseling and therapeutic skills. All counselors, therapists, and coaches must undergo personal therapy for themselves at least 50 hours to avoid psychic contagions which are very dangerous for both the counselee and the counselor himself. Furthermore, it is also discussed about things that are very important to pay attention in the counseling session.

Furthermore, from the two meetings, students and lecturers felt very enthusiastic about the material presented. This can be seen from their questions, responses and their active participation in the discussion process. They realize that in order to provide good counseling services, it is necessary to understand the material about counseling approaches in depth. Learning from a practitioner who has a lot of experience in the field also opens their eyes that before providing services to others, we must also make sure that we are ready to be a vessel for others. As for the Guidance and Counseling study program, it can also add to the scientific repertoire, in the sense that the theory studied is mainly related to the field of personal and social Guidance. (end)