Guidance and Counseling Student of UNY Won “Best Presentation Paper & Best Team Cultural Race” in Bangkok, Thailand

International level awards were won by students of Guidance and Counseling of Yogyakarta State University in 2017. Antonius Ian Bayu Setiawan was awarded the “Best Presentation Paper & Best Team Cultural Race”, which was held in Bangkok, Thailand. The activity organized by the “Tourist Guide Association of Thailand” carried the “ASEAN Youth Cultural Exposure #3 program”. ASEAN Youth Cultural Exposure is a program organized by Youcan (Youth Center to Act for Nation) as a forum to promote regional tourism from each delegation, as well as a place for cultural exchange. This activity was not only attended by students from UNY, but from other regions, including UNJ, UI, ITB, UNAIR, and UGM. Not only promoting tourism and cultural exchange but also holding competitions, including performing arts and paper presentations.

UNY, represented by Antonius Ian Bayu Setiawan and his friends from Universitas Ahmad Dahlan, presented a paper discussing “Mount Kemukus as a place for pesugihan and turning the old tradition into a place for tourism to be developed”. The paper that was presented received a lively reception for the organizers and spectators who took part in the competition. This is a new and valuable experience for Antonius and his friends in producing papers that are worthy of consideration in the international arena. Not to forget, Antonius advised colleagues who want to take part in a similar event, to "continue to respect the culture in our environment and to empower culture in a positive way for the next generation".